The collection of system modular furniture by JANCZY STUDIO includes, among others:

  • a dressing table with a seat and a system wardrobe
  • a desk with seat a system library.

The JANCZY STUDIO modular system furniture is mainly made of wood and combined with other recycled materials, such as leather plastics, intended for, inter alia, to hotels or private investors.

We deal with interior design, furniture, interior design and the production of our collections and projects.

Personalized design is extremely important to us – meeting the needs of our Investors. We are not looking for universal solutions, we are aware that each of us is different, has his own needs and expectations, emotions, experiences and habits.

Our task is to design so that everyone can find their perfect product. As a team, we do not stand still, we constantly train and develop our competences and skills, we reach for new technologies and interesting materials. We design and create solutions, needs and technologies, and we would like to showcase and showcase these achievements.

Currently, ethical design is most anticipated. It can support the most sustainable development possible. More than ever, we pay attention to the true value of what we buy. The furniture and interior accessories we offer are durable, timeless and beautiful. The constant search for beauty is the direction – the key. The priority of our design and workmanship is high quality, durability and timelessness. We try to look for ecological solutions in the field of selected materials. We try to create products that will serve as long as possible, but at the same time give a chance for change – exchange of elements, personalization, selection of accessories.

Each of these collections is based on the possibility of variants – creating personalized details – initials, printed fabric, veneer. All solutions within the presented furniture can be replaced freely – and if the person buying the furniture from us stays in touch with us, in accordance with the loyalty program – it is possible to change, replace the fronts, upholstery and details. The owner of our furniture automatically becomes a member of an elite club. With the presented furniture, we want to build a lasting relationship between a person and an object – the owner and the furniture.

In our projects, especially in this collection, we try to present unique combinations – veneer with print, screen printing, art, leather / obtained from food waste / with embroidery, ecological panels, wood, stone.

The development of technology gives countless opportunities to explore the manufacturing process, select tools and experiment with many materials.

The functionality of the item and its convenience are important, but equally important for us are the emotional tone, the element of fun, and beauty. The feelings evoked by our creations are intended to enrich the everyday life of the recipient.

In the future we make, we combine traditional expectations and use of furniture, as well as attention to detail with ecological production materials. The priority of our design is high quality, durability and timelessness. All production is based on Polish employees of contractors and subcontractors as well as materials.

To be a conscious designer and producer means thinking about the future - not inly in terms of caring for our planet, but also a better life. As the only one of the few, we combine traditional function, durability, beauty and ecology.